With a commitment to high-end commercial woodwork including architectural panels, custom moldings, doors, architectural casework and cabinets, finishes, and design, our standards have allowed Southern Commercial Interiors to evolve to match the burgeoning market, proving that creativity, resources and excellence are second to none. 

We are the Experts


One of our strongest defining aspects is the diversity of materials we work with directed by your specifications. Be it exotic wood, fabric, NAUF panels, custom plastics, or laminate, we will find exactly what you are looking for, cut to precise detail, quality assured, manufactured and installed with immediacy. Whether you are looking for a lobby for your business or an entire office up-fit, we won’t be satisfied until you are. 


Uniformity can be important in a business setting. It allows for employee cohesion, work focus, and a professional backdrop imbued with a subtle comfort. At Southern Commercial Interiors, our client list includes hospitals, federal and local government buildings, churches, food service operations, senior living facilities, schools, and corporate offices, each catered to their individual needs. This speaks not only to our ability to build exactly what you are looking for, but at a price comparable or better than our competitors.


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