Our Foundation



As a company founded on quality and efficiency, SCI hires some of the best in the industry, each fully competent on the most state-of-the-art aspects of their specialization, as well as the intricacies that go with an ever-growing, ever-changing market. This allows SCI to give its clients their money’s worth while providing an experience free of unnecessary hassle. With equal passion to reinforce the SCI name, each share in the fulfillment that comes from a job well done.



Bound by knowledge, experience, hard work and craftsmanship the owners of Southern Commercial Interiors take pride in providing exceptional products to the entire southeast. With patience and determination, we continuously strive to understand and adapt to the ever-changing needs of Contractors, Architects, Designers and Owners. 



Southern Commercial Interiors offers efficient, effective design, the highest quality standards for our products, and accurate, complete shop drawings, all while fitting a tight schedule and budget. Low cost, high standard, proven. We don’t just build products. We build the world around you.